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Integration Services

Integration with Your Existing ERP Platform

With Cetaris System Integration Modules (SIMs), you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate our system with your existing enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, JDE, Great Plains, fuel systems, fleet operation and dispatch software, telematics, payment processing systems, and many more.

With the ability to easily process small or large volumes of data, you’ll be able to eliminate the requirement for double data entry – giving you timely and accurate information to support your business decisions.

Architecture and Technology

Given the fact that it was originally designed for a large OEM with millions of assets, the Cetaris SIM architecture is capable of continuous staging, publishing of component level details and their updates, and importing and exporting information within databases.

Our SIM technology continues to evolve, is highly robust and very reliable.  Cetaris SIM technologies provide extensive data validation, job tracking, automatic recovery, and error logging functionalities to help you achieve accurate data exchanges.

Diverse Purposes

Cetaris deploys SIMs according to your unique needs as an organization.  For time-sensitive exchanges, we recommend XML and SOAP to encode data with HTTPS, HTTP, or transactional queues.  If there are no immediate requirements, the Cetaris solution aggregates data into batches which are processed by SIMs running as scheduled jobs.

We have a library of many solutions, all supporting files of different types, with flat or hierarchical structured data to be exchanged using a wide variety of data transport mechanisms such as web services, and many more.


Given our wide-range of configuration options, Cetaris’ SIM solutions have significant flexibility for fine-tuned data validation and transformation rules. Each SIM is complemented by a comprehensive administration framework for scheduling, launching, monitoring and recovering system integration jobs.

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