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Sales Configuration Assistant

Leading Technology

Cetaris’ Sales Configuration Assistant uses the most cutting edge technologies on the market today. Its collection of modules are fully integrated with one another, allowing you to conduct product research, create product designs, and refer to a knowledge base to make product option selections – the end result being a product that can be ordered and built.

The Sales Configuration Assistant effectively communicates with related systems (using System Integration Modules) based on SOA-compliant web services and file exchange mechanisms.

Useful Functionalities

Configuration Module

The Configuration Module in the Sales Configuration Assistant allows you to design the product you will ultimately order through:

  • Creation of new configurations
  • Work with existing configurations that were previously created
  • Support of unique and complex product design rules
  • Guidance for the design of a product to meet business requirements
  • Support for the integration of application engineering and installation knowledge
  • Presentation of information in the form of an expert system
  • Choosing build options from only applicable elements
  • Support for the selection of the right product for your application
  • Presentation of the bill of material, technical and application data, graphics and drawing data, and pricing information upon configuration completion
  • Support of seamless order entry to manufacturing
  • Support of CAD integration for sharing of configuration data with internal design systems

Catalog Module

The Catalog Module presents the detailed technical, application, and graphic information for your products in a traditional, electronic catalog format enabling you to easily search for information by:

  • Product line
  • Product name
  • Product number
  • System
  • Application

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