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Remarketing Assistant

If you manage a well-run fleet, then you must be regularly making purchases of new vehicles, parts and pieces of equipment.  The question is, given the resale value of the equipment you are no longer using, how should you best handle its disposal?

Cetaris understands that remarketing your used equipment is not your core business and you cannot afford to spend a significant amount of time on such a task. Our Remarketing Assistant software was specifically created to make this process easy and efficient for you – helping you achieve a higher disposal value for your assets.

Receive Online Bids for your Used Assets

By implementing Remarketing Assistant, you’ll facilitate the resale of your mobile fleet equipment and fixed assets, ultimately increasing the investment value of your disposable items.  The software acts as a web-based auction site where potential buyers can connect with you and place bids.

With little input and time needed from your end, Cetaris will fully setup your auction website to accept bids from wholesalers, dealers, fleet operators and others.  You’ll be given the opportunity to interact with potential buyers through the site to make a sale.

With cost-effective remarketing through the web, you’ll benefit from resale profits which will have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.


Remarketing Assistant uses highly functional, reliable and web-based architectures to deploy a website that communicates with outside potential buyers, as well as other companies’ systems – based on SOA-compliant web services, and file-exchange mechanisms.

Remarketing Assistant’s multiple modules interact with one another allowing buyers to review and bid on your resale items, and helping you interact with them to make sales:

Vehicle/Asset Search Module

This component allows potential buyers to browse through your database of vehicles and assets for resale.  Your buyers will easily be able to find what they’re looking for with available search criteria for make, model, year, mileage, colour, and location.  Once they’ve generated interest in a particular asset, they can obtain detailed information including its description, condition, purchase options, pictures and relevant notes.

As the site owner, you’ll have the ability to add, delete, and edit information about all of the items for sale in your database.

Vehicle/Asset Bid Module

This vital function of Remarketing Assistant lets you set bidding options for the assets you are remarketing including:

  • Sealed (Blind) Bid – this means buyers cannot see the bids of others
  • Fixed Bid
  • Open Bid

Sales Report Module

This module compiles data about the sales activity on your website.  By using this data, you’ll be able to assess the true value of your remarketed assets for assistance in future decision making.

Notify Me Module

Remarketing Assistant’s Notify Me Module is an automated feature that interacts with your potential buyers’ software to send email alert messages when an asset matching their purchase criteria has become available.  This functionality will facilitate the remarketing process, helping you make sales faster.

System Setup Module

This administrative module provides you, the seller, with a key advantage to obtain two separate views of your auction website:  the customer view, and the supplier view.  You may want to hide certain confidential information in your customer view that you need to be able to see from the supplier view – this module gives you the flexibility to do just that.

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