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Parts Assistant

Advanced Technology

Cetaris’ Parts Assistant has been developed using the most advanced, rich internet architecture.  It has a series of modules that work together, allowing you to proactively manage the publication of detailed parts catalogues for your assets.

Through its System Integration Modules (SIMs), Parts Assistant is able to communicate with related systems on SOA-compliant web services and file-exchange mechanisms.

Module Functionalities

Navigation Module

The Parts Assistant Navigation Module aims to support multiple navigation methodologies including navigation by:

  • Serial number
  • Model
  • Module
  • Year
  • Bill of materials

Artwork Module

The Artwork Module’s main objective is to present parts images for:

  • Cross referencing
  • Hot-spotted parts images
  • Hot-spotted parts lists
  • Full zoom functionality
  • Retention on high image resolution

Search Module

Parts Assistant’s Search Module allows you to locate your desired part through multiple algorithms including:

  • Part number
  • Description
  • Equipment or asset
  • Model
  • Bookmarked frequent searches

Pick List Module

The objective of the Pick List Module is to give you the ability to select required parts, as you navigate throughout various bills of material.This module:

  • Employs a shopping cart feature
  • Maintains multiple selection lists
  • Submits the pick list to your parts order and invoicing systems
  • Completes the parts purchase process

Notes Module

The Notes Module supports the information you generate that is associated with installation information, warnings and general comments through:

  • Public notes created by the manufacturer which are visible to all users
  • Private notes created by a user (set to be viewable only by that user)
  • Private notes created by your organization
  • Notes attached to serial numbers
  • Notes attached to models
  • Notes attached to parts

Data Staging and Publishing Module

Parts data is prepared and published to the website using the Data Staging and Publishing Module which:

  • Supports multiple formats and sources of data
  • Processes data to prepare for web publication
  • Publishes data to the web
  • Supports publishing to a file to be viewed offline
  • Supports entire asset specification (all bills of material) stored on CD for use when a connection to the internet has been interrupted
  • Supports requirements for low bandwidth

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