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Greenhouse Gas Module

Among Cetaris' Environment Solutions is a module for dealing with greenhouse gas. In the module you’re given a digital dashboard which displays greenhouse gas emissions data in a flexible and easily accessible way. You can find out how much energy is consumed by every one of your assets through a type search, or model search. You’ll be able to meet compliance objectives and business targets by tracking and measuring various emissions and allowable thresholds.

Fleet Assistant’s Greenhouse Gas module provides a series of interactive screens, reports and scorecards that aggregate and present data associated to your assets. The reports and calculations are based on the latest guidance for environmental protection and emission reporting provided by the United Nations and various other jurisdictions. Emissions and thresholds can be tracked and measured, helping you to meet and manage targets and compliance objectives.

Cetaris is committed to helping you comply with new environmental protection regulations, as well as to enabling your teams with relevant information that can be used to plan and monitor your contributions for the protection of our planet.

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Data Collection using System Integration Modules (SIM), Fleet Assistant can collect fuel consumption data, as well as mileage, hours of operation or other activity indicators recorded through meters.   • There is no need for additional data entry to start measuring your environmental impact. Fleet Assistant comes with the latest emission factors and calculation rules for common fuel and terrestrial vehicle types.
Absolute Emissions Reporting When the proper information is being collected, this module can report emissions directly associated to fuel consumption, as well as indirect emissions resulting from the use of electricity. The reports can aggregate, filter and sort emissions data according to configurable options. The emissions are calculated following calculation guidelines and presented according to reporting standards. The calculations make use of emission factors corresponding to the appropriate jurisdictions.   • Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions reports help you to comply with new environment protection regulations. They also help you set absolute emission targets and to monitor your success.
Emissions Intensity Reports Direct emissions when divided by a measure of your activity level result in emissions intensity numbers that can be used to monitor the efficiency of your emissions reduction efforts. The reports can aggregate, filter and sort emissions data according to configurable options.   • For vehicle fleets the direct emissions resulting from the consumption of fuel are divided by the mileage obtained from meters. Reports can be obtained comparing the efficiency of different fleets, makes, regions, etc. This information can be used to set targets that encourage efficiency without discouraging increases in the level of operations.
Emissions Data Analysis The data about your fleet structure, its fuel consumption and mileage is kept in a multi-dimensional database. An Analysis Services Cube is made available, providing information that can be interactively aggregated following your organizational structure. Following simple steps, users have access to information about energy consumed by asset type, asset model or other user selectable options.   • This information can be used by your business analysts to gain a deep knowledge of your environmental impact. It can be exported to other tools such as a spreadsheet or database to assess different emission reduction strategies.
Scorecards Greenhouse Gas emissions numbers can be presented to managers as scorecards. The environmental key performance indicators they contain are configured through user preferences and regulated by security rules.   • They provide periodic feedback about the progress of your environmental initiatives. They help your organization achieve environmental goals with up-to-date relevant information.

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