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Parts Manager

To successfully manage all aspects of parts and inventory throughout your organization, you need to have the necessary information to make sure the right parts are in the right place at the right time.

Cetaris’ Fleet Assistant helps streamline the management of parts and inventory:

  • Decrease slow moving and obsolete parts
  • Reduce unnecessarily high inventory levels
  • Identify critical parts
  • Manage cores and replacement parts warranties for significant cost savings
  • Optimize part/supplier data maintenance

Fleet Assistant provides you a single line of sight into all parts inventories. You can manage your suppliers both regionally and nationally from a single location. You’ll also be able to:

  • Set minimum and maximum inventory levels for each part
  • Automate the replenishment of inventory parts
  • Manage the entire parts order process (issue a PO, track status, receive against the PO and manage backorders)

Through the use of relevant features available in Fleet Assistant, you’ll realize a more efficient parts operation, a reduction in your overall costs, and high parts availability throughout your operation.

Fleet Assistant delivers the following benefits:


Solution Feature


Benefit to Parts Managers

• Customizable Digital Dashboard Catered to Parts Managers   • View all information relevant to parts inventory management 
• Obtain a single line of sight into multiple inventory locations
• Enjoy easy access to all PO and supplier information
• Inventory Management   • Reduce on-hand quantities to reflect usage
• Identify obsolete parts for return to vendors
• Reduce vehicle downtime due to out-of-stock parts or materials
• Reduce costs through national purchase agreements
• Significantly increase service replacement/part warranty  re-capture
• Automate physical inventory count processes and reduce search time  
• Access enterprise-wide view of inventory across all locations to move where needed
• Reduce excess and slow moving inventory
• Track and control fuel and fluids as inventory items
• Parts Replacement Warranty   • Effectively manage all aspects of parts replacement warranties
• Track parts removed that may be required to support a warranty claim
• Track cores and casings
• Identify chronic repairs and utilize information for policy discussions
• Vendor Management   • Effectively manage your vendors
• Compare vendor performance
• Ensure the negotiated price in every location is consistent on every invoice
• Reporting   • Reports can appear automatically on your customized dashboard (Parts Replenishments, Critical Parts Shortages, Parts Backorders)
•  Report on Parts Core Returns, Inventory by Site, Parts Available, Parts by Supplier, Parts Costing, Parts Issuance Summary, Slow Moving Parts,  Parts Suggested Reorder, Parts Supplier List, Part Warranties, Part Backorders, Part Shortfalls, and many more

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