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Client Testimonials

Purolator is Canada’s largest courier company and is recognized as one of the country’s biggest employers with over 12,500 employees.  Purolator houses couriers, vehicles, and planes to provide 24-hour pickup anywhere in Canada and delivery services to anywhere in the world. 

Purolator has 147 operation locations, 3 main hub facilities, 45 garages, 110 locations, and 5500 mobile assets allowing the company to handle over 5.5 million packages each and every week.

“From a financial perspective, one of our key return-on-investment goals that we set for ourselves was to increase our warranty recovery both from the OEMs as well as service replacement parts – we have already met our initial warranty capture goal and we believe that we can double warranty capture again.  From an operational perspective, we are now hiring apprentices to help us fill the shortage of technicians – all of our new hires are expected to work with advanced software systems like Fleet Assistant with its wireless technology – and we find that the acceptance of Fleet Assistant by the employees maintaining our vehicles is excellent.”

Serge Viola, National Fleet Director

First Student Inc. is part of First Group America, the largest student transportation provider in all of North America, carrying 4 million students on over 60,000 buses to and from school every day.  First Group America owns and operates thousands of transit maintenance and school bus services across the United States and Canada, with parent company, First Group PLC, being the world’s transportation leader carrying over 2.5 billion people yearly and employing more than 137,000 people across the UK and North America.  Ryder Student Transportation and Laidlaw Education Services were recently acquired by First Group which marked the inception of First Student Inc.
“We have used Fleet Assistant to support our goal to continuously improve our business processes. We have implemented over 50 Standard Operating Procedures that directly support the implementation of our Reliability Based Maintenance program. This in turn supports our focus on safety and compliance which are paramount to our company. From an operational perspective, Fleet Assistant has given us visibility across our entire maintenance network allowing us to monitor performance, suggest improvements, and implement best practices at individual maintenance facilities. From a financial perspective, we have been able to achieve significant increases in warranty recovery from both the OEMs as well as service replacement parts. The project has been very successful.”

Steve Helriegel, Maintenance Systems Analyst

Calfrac Well Services Ltd. is situated in Calgary, Alberta and provides specialized oilfield services including fracturing, coiled tubing, and cementing to companies throughout Western Canada; the Rocky Mountain and central regions of the United States; and Western Siberia in Russia.  These specialized oilfield services are designed to increase the production of hydrocarbons from drilled wells.

“The Fleet Assistant system easily pays for itself through the increased capture of warranty, campaign, and recall dollars from the vendors. But that is not the biggest benefit – the biggest benefit is our improved decision making based on hard facts – hard facts are hard to argue with – we sometimes need to change business processes, procedures, equipment design, etc., and facts help us make these decisions – this results in better equipment purchases, increased equipment availability, and improved safety compliance.”

Shane Miller, Maintenance Manager
Calfrac Well Services Ltd.

The Calgary HandiBus Association is a not-for-profit organization supported by the City of Calgary which provides transportation services to people with disabilities, taking them wherever they need to go whether it be to the doctor’s, work, grocery store, or a friendly social gathering.  The association has a fleet of 135 buses on the road 365 days of the year, providing 40,000 trips every month and accruing about 600,000 kilometres throughout the ten years they’re kept in the fleet – making the maintenance of their vehicles vitally important.

“When we were looking for a maintenance system to improve our cost efficiency we visited a local company who provides transportation services in the City of Calgary that was using Fleet Assistant. This company highly recommended the Cetaris product because of Cetaris’ commitment not only to continuously improve Fleet Assistant, but also to serve them as a client. This is the type of partner we were looking for to help us implement a system that would allow us to achieve our service quality goals and improve the cost effectiveness of delivering our services every year.”   

Louis Jesudason, Director of Finance and Administration
Calgary HandiBus Association

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) is a Crown Corporation within the province of Saskatchewan providing bus passenger and freight services for both people and goods.  In 2005, STC carried 267,385 passengers over 3.2 million miles to and from 275 communities in the province, and delivered two million pieces of freight to rural communities over the course of the year.  Although it is not the transportation service of first choice for some, the public of Saskatchewan highly supports the availability of public transportation for both goods and people for those who choose to use it, or who may not have another option.

“Our business challenge was to replace our current maintenance software system that was no longer meeting the requirements for our fleet. We wanted to capitalize on the ability of Fleet Assistant to automate our Work Order processes and strengthen our inventory controls while taking advantage of the more advanced features that Fleet Assistant has to offer. We needed to implement Fleet Assistant in a way that would let us meet all of our Crown Corporation reporting requirements which are typically more complex than those found in the private sector. Working with the Cetaris technical staff we were able to tailor reports that exactly matched our unique reporting requirements. Our technicians found the Fleet Assistant system to be very easy to learn and use. We are very pleased with these results.”

Keith Gill, Manager Business Applications
Saskatchewan Transportation Company

Pacific Western Transportation Ltd. (PWT) is the largest privately owned transportation company in Canada.  PWT employs 2800 employees across the country who provide all kinds of transportation services whether it be to drive children to school, take travellers to the airport, or transport workers to an offsite plant.  PWT has been among the first in the industry to recognize and introduce major equipment and service enhancements.

“Maintenance managers used to manually review and approve multiple stacks of work orders every morning. Now, they can quickly review the list on their desktop and enter the updates. The time savings is excellent.”

“Most companies do not track warranties accurately. When a technician is working on a vehicle, the system automatically tells them when a part is under warranty so they know to save the old part for return. We can also generate detailed reports that map out how we are spending our maintenance dollars, and document the amount of warranty we’ve captured.”

“With Fleet Assistant we can determine where maintenance is being done best across the different companies, establish best practices, and then share those standards across the organization.”  

Thomas Schmidt, Director of Corporate Systems
Pacific Western Transportation

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