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Case Studies

Cetaris takes pride in its partner-focused approach to business.  With a commitment to partnerships and one of the highest client retention rates in the industry, we can accurately solve issues and improve the asset management process, lower the total cost of ownership and provide an unprecedented return on investment.

Have a look at the following client case studies to gain great insight into the Cetaris experience and how we may be able to help your organization.

The Calgary HandiBus Association is a not-for-profit organization providing transportation services to people with disabilities.  After almost 40 years in business, Calgary HandiBus was beginning to face more competition from privately owned companies and therefore needed to find a way to become more efficient, while still maintaining the high level of service the City of Calgary had grown to expect.

Cetaris helped the Calgary HandiBus Association analyze their current processes to find those key gaps needing to be filled.  Cetaris implemented Fleet Assistant, which worked to support their fleet and all equipment, manage their preventive maintenance program, obtain maximum warranty reimbursements, manage parts and inventories, and produce detailed cost reports.

The Cetaris Fleet Assistant solution not only met, but exceeded the goals of the organization through improved equipment reliability, better decision making, higher safety levels, cost cuts, and longer equipment lifecycles.

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Calfrac is a specialized oilfield service company located in Calgary, Alberta providing fracturing, coiled tubing, acidizing, cementing, nitrogen handling, and well stimulation services.  Calfrac depends heavily on the availability of its equipment given the fact that downtime can result in millions of dollars lost in the course of just one day. 

To meet their safety compliance and cost controls, the company needed an asset management solution to simplify their processes, reduce unnecessary expenses and optimize the use of their specific pieces of equipment.

With the implementation of Web Fleet Assistant, Calfrac was able to heighten their safety measures, improve compliance reporting, better their decision making, obtain more detailed specifications for new purchases, improve tracking and availability of their equipment and parts, and increase their warranty, campaign, and recall reimbursements. 

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Pacific West Transportation is based in Calgary, Alberta and is one of Canada’s largest private transportation companies with a fleet of 2,000 school buses, luxury coaches and chartered buses.  PWT holds the safety of its riders at the very top of its priority list and therefore must employ a highly effective asset management system to ensure the dependability of its vehicles.

PWT needed a more accurate and efficient way of tracking repairs and keeping up with industry safety compliance measures.  PWT chose Cetaris through the Microsoft Certified Partner program and the Fleet Assistant program for Windows XP was implemented.  This program has allowed PWT to improve vehicle specifications to obtain lower lifecycle costs, improve time management, end their messy paperwork trails, track spending, and plan for future asset investments.

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Mold-Masters is a world leader in hot runner technology for the global plastics industry.  Hot runners are used in the injection molding of high-quality thermoplastic components for the automotive, medical, electronics, packaging, and consumer products industries.  A hot runner system maintains the temperature and flow properties of plastic within a mold-base assembly to make a consistent and accurate mold.
Mold-Masters wanted an online system where customers would be able to build their own hot runner systems in real time.  ASI/Mavpro helped Mold-Masters create the first ever web solution for hot runner building and ordering online.
ASI/Mavpro is a company based in Toronto offering consulting and custom software development for large-scale database applications, transaction processing and internet technologies – mainly focused around Microsoft products and applications. 

ASI/Mavpro created www.e-hotrunners.com, a website seamlessly integrated with Mold-Masters’ backend business and engineering systems giving customers the ability to configure, price and build a hot runner system, place an order, and track the full production cycle of their hot runner – all without the need for any engineering background or knowledge base.  E-Hotrunners.com is built on the Microsoft Back Office Suite of server applications, providing a scalable, flexible and powerful system for Mold-Masters.

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Freightliner LLC is a subsidiary of Daimler Chrysler and a global provider of transportation products and services.  Freightliner LLC dominates about 40% of the heavy commercial vehicle market and manufactures emergency vehicles, school buses, diesel trucks and medium duty vehicles.

To support its vehicles, Freightliner maintains $200 million dollars worth of parts inventory and a stock of 125,000 unique parts numbers.  Dealers order built-to-order vehicles from Freightliner.  Freightliner uses PartsPro, an application developed for Microsoft Windows, which had to be provided to each dealership on a set of CDs, requiring an update every quarter – a costly, complex and time consuming task.

To save money and better streamline its process, Freightliner decided to configure its PartsPro application to become a full force web-based solution.  Cetaris, a Microsoft Certified Partner and software development company with extensive experience in the automotive and transportation industries was hired by Freightliner for the project.

Freightliner’s web-based PartsPro application uses the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition and can be accessed by dealers and other customers using a web browser from anywhere.  Freightliner’s PartsPro web application is continuously updated in real time with the company’s vehicle information and key pieces of data.  The new PartsPro web application provides customers with an easy and well-informed ordering process, and saves Freightliner time, money and wasted resources.

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